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Pamela Serafine, PTA



Lily Fuller, OT, NCTMB

27393 Ynez Rd., Suite 155
Temecula, CA 92591
Contact Phone: 951-693-1918
Seminars Taken: B.S. Occupational Therapy (SUNY Buffalo), MFR I, II, III, Unwinding, Advanced Unwinding, Rebounding, Cervical Thoracic, Fascial Pelvis, Skill Enhancement, Subtle Energy, Craniosacral Therapy (Upledger Institute), Visceral manipulation (Barral Institute), Musculoskeletal Alignment (Eric Dalton), Soft Tissue Release (Stuart Taws), Holistic Heal Practitioner Program (Healing Hands School of Holistic Health, Escondido, CA) Koryo Hand Therapy.

I worked in traditional medicine as an OT for over 20 years. Studying MFR with John Barnes was the impetus that empowered me to open up my private practice over 15 years ago. My focus is on helping people heal so they can move freely and be their best self. I use MFR and other very valuable modalities, including deep tissue, trigger point, micromeridian therapy (Korean Hand Therapy) and CST. Clients come for pain relief, injury recovery, muscle soreness, help with posture, as well as somatoemotional release.

Contact E-mail:


Rachael Peizer, M.P.T., Physical Therapist

Hands On Physical Therapy
2515 Milvia Street
Berkeley, CA 94704
Contact Phone: 510-919-0903
Seminars Taken: MFR1, MFR2, MFR3, Cervical-Thoracic, Fascial-Pelvis, Skill Enhancement Seminar, Myofascial Rebounding, Unwinding, Advanced Unwinding, Craniosacral Therapy 1 and 2 and Somatic Emotional Release, Certified Thetahealing Practitioner

I am a physical therapist specializing in Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, and Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy in Berkeley, California. I’ve been in private practice for the past 13 years, since 1998. I successfully work with a wide variety of clients, most of whom are looking for some type of pain relief. Many of my clients have failed other types of treatment and are very pleasantly surprised to finally find an approach that can work for them. I enjoy working with each person as a whole, addressing the mind-body connection in a very simple straight-forward manner. I also provide a lot of patient education and self care instruction in posture, body mechanics, exercise, self myofascial release, and ergonomics.

Contact E-mail:


Thomas Hambright, Certified Massage Therapist

Thomas Hambright MFR Specialist
7510 Corbin Ave. #8
Reseda, CA 91335
Contact Phone: 661-917-4190
Seminars Taken: MFR-I & II, Unwinding, Advanced Unwinding, Fascial Pelvis, Cervical Thoracic, Rebounding, Skill Enhancement (some of them twice). CMT program and Myofascial Trigger Point electives at Hands on Healing Institute in Los Angeles, CA.

I had a blooming massage practice going just a few months out of massage school when I went to work part time for a PT who specialized in MFR back in 2005. After my first MFR seminar it was clear to me that I was meant to do this work. So many of my clients have told me of being freed from pain and lack of mobility that they have suffered with for years when no other therapy had helped. I still work part time at the PT office. I teach Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy part time at Hands on Healing Institute but mostly I love giving individualized therapy to my clients in their home or at my home office.

Contact E-mail:

Santa Monica

Jon Stange, diploma The Rolf Method of Structural Integration, CAMTC certification, ABMP member

Inner Light Manual Therapy
1137 2nd Street, suite 117
Santa Monica, CA 90403
Contact Phone: (310) 924-1920
Seminars Taken:
1995- The Central Coast School of Body Therapy, Los Osos, CA. (Swedish massage certificate)
1996- AMTA continuing education seminar San Diego, CA. (sports massage, post-partum massage care, clinical massage practices)
1999- The Institute of Professional Practical Therapy, Los Angeles, CA. (Russian method of sports massage)
2004- California Healing Arts College, Los Angeles, CA. (deep tissue massage, sports massage, Shiatsu, Oscillation therapy)
2005- The Massage School of Santa Monica, Santa Monica, CA. (deep tissue structural bodywork)
2007- The Guild for Structural Integration, Boulder, CO. (the work of Ida P. Rolf, PH.D.)
2011- The Rolf Institute continuing education program

My name is Jon Stange and I live in Los Angeles, CA. I began a private practice in massage therapy in 1995 while living in Central California. I learned a basic Swedish massage program that felt effortless and natural because I am kind of a hands-on person.

I moved my practice back to LA in 1996 where I became feverishly busy working as a independent contractor in chiropractic, acupuncture, and health clubs as a well as maintaining a private practice. Over the years I continued my education in bodywork before eventually settling in structural work. My first introduction into fascial work was in 2005 at The Massage School of Santa Monica. My instructor Garnet Dupois was incredibly influential in changing my perspective and style of work and I continued my studies at The Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, CO. The course format was the 10 session “recipe” that Dr. Rolf developed to train her early students from the 1970’s. Her work and vision was that if the structure of the body was out of relationship with itself and gravity, dysfunction and dis-ease would increase. She borrowed some methods of Osteopathy and developed her own paradigm of bodywork that was simple in theory, yet sometimes complex in facilitation. And at times very painful! But mostly it was transformational. Posture improves, pain decreases or abates entirely, emotional traumas are revisited, and vitality is restored and so on. I currently have a private practice in Santa Monica, CA.


Paso Robles

Jackie Iddings, Certified Wellness Specialist, Certified Equine Massage Therapist, Founder/Instructor Fascial Equine Technique

Wind Rider Therapies
1815 Thistle Way
Paso Robles, CA 93446
Contact Phone: 805-238-0974
Seminars Taken:
Myofascial Release: MFR 1, MFR 2, Unwinding/Advanced Unwinding, Rebounding, Cervical-Thoracic, Fascial Pelvis, Skill Enhancement Seminar.
Certified Equine Massage Therapist with studies in Equine Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapies, Student of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Trauma Release Techniques. Studies in acupressure at Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts (graduate with 200 hours). Certified Wellness Specialist, American College of Wellness.

I am a Certified Wellness Specialist, Certified Equine Massage Therapist in practice since attaining my first certification 2001. Since then I have acquired more than 1,000 hours of training in the healing arts.

I was led to founding Wind Rider Therapies through my own healing journey, the Cherokee heritage from my Greatgrandmother Cleo, and through learning a Blackfoot way of spirituality from my many friends in Alberta, Canada and around the United States. My work has been featured in the “Santa Cruz Sentinel.” I speak at community organizations and volunteer equine Myofascial Release services to the rescued equines at Heaven Can Wait Equine Sanctuary for Healing and Learning (

I founded the Spirit of the Horse Center for Wellbeing (a California nonprofit) in 2011 for the purpose of developing and offering equine-facilitated wellbeing programs, as well at teaching Fascial Equine Techniques and founding the 250 hour certification program for Certified Equine Bodywork Specialist.

I am also known as Looking Badger, a name gifted to me by an elder from California’s Central Coast.



Monika Szumilak, NCTMB (Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Bodyworker)

Freedom Therapy MFR
123 Rancho Bonita Way
Sonoma CA 95476
Contact Phone: 707-933-7815
Seminars Taken:
750-hour comprehensive massage therapy training; MFR 1, MFR 2, MFR Unwinding, MFR Rebounding, Fascial Pelvis, Skill Enhancement Seminar; Aquatic Massage Training

I am a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Bodyworker (NCTMB). I offer Myofascial Release (MFR) sessions in the city of Sonoma and surrounding area. I am available for house calls as well as I see clients in my office in Sonoma.

Myofascial Release is a safe and extremely effective manual therapy that stretches and rehydrates the connective tissue in the body (fascia) in order to eliminate the causes of pain and restriction.

I am passionate about the healing arts and the journey of deeper embodiment. With many years of experience in my own healing and in assisting others to heal, I am deeply committed to discovering new and more effective pathways that help us find more freedom in our bodies. Increased freedom enables us to express who we are, serve others and our planet Earth. This, I find to be an essential part of who we are as human beings.

I have graduated from a comprehensive 750-hour massage and bodywork program at the Providence Institute in Tucson, Arizona. I hold a valid certification with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and have pursued many hours of continuing education in the field of Myofascial Release (MFR).

With a deeply intuitive touch and strong embodied presence, I provide a safe and nurturing space for my clients to release physical and emotional blockages. I am able to work with a wide variety of clients and meet diverse needs. I have worked with athletes, dancers, geriatric patients and clients recovering from injuries with equal results. I have an ability to deeply listen to my clients and guide them in an exploration of what is needed to heal and achieve greater levels of physical and emotional freedom.

My specialty is Myofascial Release therapy (MFR). This technique offers a lasting relief from chronic pain, headaches and many other symptoms. MFR can help patients who suffer from fibromyalgia, sciatica, frozen shoulder, whiplash, spinal and disc problems, and scoliosis. By accessing the fascial system of the body with a gentle and intuitive yet firm touch, and by deeply listening to the whole body, the myofascial therapist is able to relieve the causes, not just symptoms, of pain and limitation. As the body releases its contractions, emotional blockages are also relieved. The patient is able to shift limiting patterns in their body and make a leap into a more embodied and fulfilling existence.

Among others, the following conditions have been successfully treated with Myofascial Release:
• Chronic pain and restrictions in the body
• Stress and anxiety
• Neck/ shoulder/ back/ hip pain and stiffness
• Headaches
• Whiplash
• Sciatica
• Frozen shoulder
• Jaw pain and restriction (TMJD)
• Fibromyalgia
• Scar tissue buildup
• Post-surgical recovery
• Post-accident and trauma recovery (auto, work, sports injury)



Lynn Tracey Harper, NCBTMB #435773-00, CAMTC #7244, OBMT #12402

Freedom Therapy MFR
85 Gilcrest Avenue
Vallejo, CA 94591
Contact Phone: (503) 341-0652
Seminars Taken:
I graduated from the comprehensive 801 hour massage and bodywork program at East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, OR. Included in my training were specialty courses on Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Thai Massage and Craniosacral Technique.

I deeply enjoy providing the therapeutic benefits of massage to my clients. I am constantly amazed at the powerful healing effects of touch and the different therapies on people.

Contact E-mail:

San Rafael

Thomas Attardi, MA, NMT

Micro-Med Services
2400 Las Gallinas Ave. Suite, 165
San Rafael CA 94903
Contact Phone: 415-722-3066
Seminars Taken:
Extensive training in Chiropractic, PT and OT clinics. Have over 1600 hrs. of training, Certified Master Bodyworker as well as Certified in NeuroMuscular Therapy, Advanced Myofascial Therapy. Also teaches Balance Training Classes at the College of Marin as well as throughout Marin. Tom frequently gives presentations and open discussions to support groups promoting independence and quality of life for the disabled as well as helping in assisting their families and caregivers.

Tom’s educational and training background synthesizes many modalities of therapeutic and integrative treatments to help speed recovery and comfort. Among these are; NeuroKinetic Therapy, Myofascial Release, Joint Mobilization, Active Isolated Stretching, Soft Tissue Manipulation, Trigger Point Therapy, Accupressure as well as Deep Tissue and Sports Massage.



Jordan Rothstein, CMT #29790

Jordan Rothstein CMT
1543 Shattuck Ave #101
Berkeley, CA 94709
Contact Phone: 510-548-2594

Training/Seminars Taken:
Body Electric School of Massage & Rebirthing
Colorado Cranial Institute
Esalen Institute
Florida School of Massage
Gil Hedley | Anatomy
Guild for Structural Integration
International Institute of Reflexology
Neurosomatic Educators
San Francisco School of Massage
Shen Therapy Institute
St. John Neuromuscular Therapy Seminars
Sports Massage Training Institute
Upledger Institute
World School of Massage

Massage therapy for pain relief.
Neuromuscular Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Joint Mobilization, Visceral Massage.



Sepi Aeen, MPT

From the Heart Physical Therapy
7854 Tampa Ave.
Reseda, CA 91335
Contact Phone: (818) 609-9035
Seminars Taken:
California State University, Northridge
Health Education – Bachelors
Physical Therapy – Bachelors
Physical Therapy – Masters.
MFR 1, MFR 2, MFR 3, Healing, Women’s Health, Rebounding, Skill Enhancement, Cervical Thoracic, Fascial Pelvis, Quantum Leap, Unwinding, Advanced Unwinding, Joint Mobilization and Subtle Energy.

I have worked in the field of physical therapy for over 22 years and am now the founder and president of From the Heart Physical Therapy where I specialize in treating patients with myofascial release therapy. In addition, I have taken over 700 hours of continuing education in various areas of physical therapy some of which include orthopedic manual therapy, strength training, chain reaction function therapy, spine stabilization, therapeutic exercise and balance training.

Contact E-mail:


Kevin Lea, CMT

From the Heart Physical Therapy
7854 Tampa Ave.
Reseda, CA 91335
Contact Phone: (818) 609-9035
Seminars Taken:
MFR 1, MFR 2, Unwinding, Rebounding, Advanced Unwinding, Cervical Thoracic, Fascial Pelvis, Quantum Leap, Healing Seminar

I am a certified massage therapist specializing the Myofascial Release approach. I am employed at From the Heart Physical Therapy as part of a highly skilled team of Myofascial therapists. I have great compassion and understanding of what my patients go through with pain and dysfunction because my journey began as a desperate patient in 1997. I was told that I would need back surgery in my early 30’s, but it wasn’t until I discovered MFR and was treated by Sepi Aeen, MPT that I finally found relief and restored my active lifestyle as an athlete. My love and passion for MFR is what allows me to continue to help my patients through their recovery. Through my strong athletic background I help restore strength and function.

Contact E-mail:


Joe Fox, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Polarity Therapy, BioDynamic CranioSacral Therapy, Sports Massage

Kathi Fox, Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Ph.D. Naturopathy

Total Health Fx
23830 Tonnet Circle
Romoland, CA 92585
Contact Phone: 800-557-6821 Toll-free, 951-677-8822 SW Riverside County, 951-255-6317 Cell
Seminars Taken:
Polarity Therapy – Polarity Health Institute 1978-1980
Murrieta Hot Springs Resort – Spa services, Vegetarian, Residential Health and Practitioner Training, 1980-1987
BioDynamic CranioSacral Therapy –Joe only, LifeShape BioDynamic CranioSacral 1998-2002
Total Health Fx self-employed 1987-present
Clayton School of Natural Healing – Kathi only, 1990-1992

Total Health Fx provides wholistic, natural healthcare alternatives for prevention, remedy, and wellness through our Total Health services:

TOTAL HEALTH MASSAGE,a skillful blend of several techniques with sensitive care to alleviate body discomfort of stress,tension, overwork, overuse of muscles, chronic illness & injuries resulting from sports, work, trauma or accident. Treatments available by appointment by out-call to client’s home or workplace throughout Southern California . http;//

TOTAL HEALTH NATUROPATHIC CONSULTATION developes custom programs as clients actively participate in health history, health challenges & long-range goals. Practitioner employs sound, proven methods of preventive & restorative natural care.Therapies include plant-based foods & supplements, personal nutrition education & healthy living skills.

TOTAL HEALTH “FOOD FOR HEALTH” CO-OP sources health foods, supplements, therapeutic products, and environmentally-safe household goods,discounts of 20-40% off retail.Business practices allow us to pass savings on to keep the cost of natural health accessible.Online 500 pg.catalog.

Contact E-mail:


Diane Buckman, Physical Therapist

Diane J. Buckman Physical Therapy
1133 High Street, Suite E
Auburn, CA 95603
Contact Phone: 916 – 412 – 3985
Seminars Taken:
MFR I, MFR II, MFR III, Unwinding, Advanced Unwinding, Rebounding, Cervical Thoracic, Fascial Pelvis x 2, Healing Seminar, Quantum Leap, Skill Enhancement Seminar, Women’s Health, Craniosacral Therapy I, Visceral Manipulation I, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki, Psych-K TM

I am a physical therapist specializing in Myofascial Release, Upledger Craniosacral Therapy, and Vodder Lymphatic Drainage in Auburn, California. I graduated with my P.T. degree in 1985 from Russell Sage College. I’ve been working with MFR since 1992 and in my own practice for the past 8 years. I have experience treating clients in a variety of settings: hospital, rehab unit, skilled nursing facility, as well as outpatient. Most of my clients arrive with pain symptoms, some with postural and flexibility issues. Many of my clients have failed other types of treatment and are very pleasantly surprised to finally find an approach that can work for them. I work with each person as a whole, including their body, mind, and spirit, helping them to find their authentic self. The sessions include soft tissue work, posture education, body mechanics education, and home program.

Contact E-mail:


Frances Nicolais, CMT

Myofascial Release Center
3460 Ocean View Blvd., Suite B
Glendale, CA 91208
Contact Phone: (818) 945-9731
Professional Training and Continuing Education:
MFR1, MFR2, MFR3 Fascial Pelvis, Healing Seminar, Unwinding, Rebounding, Cervical Thoracic, Advanced Unwinding, Mobilization, Skill Enhancement, Therapy for the Therapist, Quantum Leap, Student Seminar Assistant, Work Study Group Facilitator, Internal Pelvic Release, Myofascial Dialoging, Fascial Connections, Advanced Skills Retreat Facilitator

I started out as a Certified Massage Therapist in 1993, specializing in a form of structural bodywork for 10 years. Then, in 2003, my life was completely turned around at my first Myofascial Release Seminar. Learning about the mind/body/spirit connection of fascia system and how it can be utilized to allow true healing of pain, discomfort and physical dysfunctions, has opened my eyes, ears and heart. I founded the Myofascial Release Center in 2006 and now employ 7 dynamic MFR therapists to share this gift with others in need. As of 2015, I completed over 400 hours of Myofascial Release training and continue to take more classes. I am also a Senior Staff Instructor at the Hands On Healing Institute in Tujunga and am the developer and main instructor for their Focus on Fascia series (over 250 hours); structural Chair Massage series (over 100 hours) and structural Sports/Fitness Fusion Massage course.

Contact E-mail:

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