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Michelle Wald, PT, LMT

Certified Aston-Patterning Practitioner

New Paradigm Bodyworker
2801 W Fresco Dr
Austin, Texas 78731
Phone Number: 512-633-7471

Professional Training and Continuing Education: As a physical therapist ( BSPT 1991) I have worked in many different settings from NeuroRehabilitation, to out-patient orthopedics. I have always been interested in bodywork and movement work. My training in Aston-Patterning with Judith Aston personally for over 3000 hours has given me a wealth of knowledge in these areas. The basic bodywork and movement work certification is 2000 hours over 1.5 years. I then enrolled in the advanced training (another 1000 hours). She has taught me to see and feel accurately so that I can assist in releasing an individual’s holding pattern and teach them how to use the changes that were acquired. This allows an individual to be in their best body.

My most recent training has been with Harvey Ruderian who is a Rolfer also trained in Aston-patterning. It was a very advanced class focused on the abdominal viscera and its relation to the rest of the body. I had some amazing insight into how the viscera can affect structure and function of the body.

I have experience with massage therapy for a variety of injuries and common orthopedic problems however I specialize in searching out solutions (with my clients) to myofascial strain patterns which have not responded to other methods. I assist people in optimizing their movement in their sport which helps prevent injuries and overuse problems.

I offer the unique experience of a four hand Aston Massage session, having 2 skilled practitioners work on our client at the same time. This work yields incredible change in a very accurate way.

I am a lifelong learner, who loves to work with a variety of clients who wish to explore their healing abilities and their vast possibility to create the life they want.

Contact Email:


Christina Brannan, Licensed Massage Therapist LMT

Chrissy’s Massage
3001 Brothers Blvd.
College Station, Texas 77845
Phone Number: 979-574-3128
Contact email:

Professional Training and Continuing Education: -Austin Schools of Massage-August 2008-August 2009 Graduate

500 Hours Comprehensive Training

-Hermann Memorial Wellness in Houston, TX.

Received my 6 hour Trigger Point Therapy Certification

-Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals

Online Credit for Myofascial Release

My massage career started when I found the ability to train under professionals in my local area. I received my beginning hands on training thru Instructors that work with A&M University Athletes using much Sports Massage, Myofascial Release in the training along with a Trigger Point Therapist Instructor with much knowledge about Clinical work.

I feel it is important to know what your clients needs are and take them to heart when putting them on your table. My work has allowed many clients the freedom to move with much improved Range of Motion after treatments. I highly recommend trying massage if you have not experienced an opportunity is always available to you.


Mark Barber L.M.T., Cert. Aston-Patterning Practitioner, P.T.A., Massage Therapy instructor -State of Texas

New Dimensions Healing Arts
4411 Medical Parkway
Austin, Texas 78756
Phone Number: 512-323-9161
Contact email:

Professional Training and Continuing Education: Aston Patterning, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release

Mark Barber is a Licensed Massage Therapist and an Aston-Patterning® Practitioner in private practice in Austin, Texas. In the mid to late 80’s through the early 90’s, he co-taught and assisted with continuing education classes with Hutchinson and Associates in Myofascial Release and Soft Tissue Mobilization. In 1992, Mark began studying Aston-Patterning® with it’s developer, Judith Aston, and became certified as an Aston-Patterning Practitioner in 1995.

West Lake Hills

Jesse James Retherford, Certified Personal Trainer & Licensed Massage Therapist

The Art of Fitness
3736 Bee Caves Road, #9
West Lake Hills, TX 78746

Jesse James Retherford started personal training in 1998. He specializes in chronic pain and injury management, movement assessment, corrective exercise, and advanced sports conditioning.
Jesse has been a soft tissue therapist for over three years. He utilizes a variety of therapeutic techniques to help his clients with chronic pain and injury management.
Jesse has helped his clients recover from chronic pain and injury; and achieve their fitness goals of weight loss, increased strength, power, and sports performance.
Jesse has successfully helped clients with the following issues:
-Frozen shoulder
-Plantar fasciitis
-Back pain
-IT band pain
-Knee pain
-Neck pain
-And more

Jesse attended Texas State University focusing his studies in exercise and sports sciences, including kinesiology, exercise physiology, biomechanics, business management, and nutrition.

Contact Email:


Lisa Manning, LMT

Integrated Bodyworks
3503 Cedar Knolls Dr. B6
Kingwood, TX 77339

Professional Training and Continuing Education:Upledger Institute – CranioSacral I and II. Myofascial Release – MFR I, II, Unwinding, Cervical-Thoracic and Fascial-Pelvis

I have been practicing bodywork since 2002. I first studied CranioSacral Therapy and Traditional Sweat Lodge therapy while living in Mexico. Since moving to Texas in 2003 I completed my training as a Massage Therapist and continued my education with a concentration in MFR and C/S therapies. I am passionate about the ‘light touch’ approach and love to sit back and observe with awe the beauty of movement and release that takes place between the therapist and client. I work on a sound table and it’s one of my favorite investments. Nothing beats being surrounded by gentle vibration and music while you work!

Contact Email:


Frankie Burget, OTR/LC, LMT/MI, BCIM, CNDT, CWE (Registered and Licensed Occupational Therapist/Lifetime Certified, Registered and Licensed Massage Therapist and Massage Instructor, Board Certified in Integrative Medicine, Certified Neurodevelopmental Technique, Certified Wellness Educator)

Windsong Therapy and Wellness, Inc.
2700 Tibbets Drive, Suite 402
Bedford, TX 76022

Professional Training and Continuing Education:Frankie Burget is a Registered and Lifetime Certified Occupational Therapist, a Registered Massage Therapist, and a Certified Neurodevelopmental Therapist. She has a BS in Occupational Therapy from Texas Women’s University. She is a Mastery Level Therapist in Myofascial Release Therapy, and a Full Senior Insturctor/Coordinator with Myofascial Release Centers. She is a Clinical Associate, American Academy of Pain Management, and a Certified Weight Trainer. She has had extensive training in Manual Lymph Therapy, CranioSacral and Neuro-Muscular Therapy, Functional Spine Stabilization Training. She has a Certification in QiGong from the Collaborating Centre of Traditional Medicine in Beijing, China. She is McKenzie Trained and a member of the International Alliance of Healthcare Educators.

The Barral Institute
The Chikly Health Institute
International Brain Education Association
The Upledger Institute
NeuroDevelopmental Treatment Association, Inc.
Myofascial Release Treatment Centers
Collaborating Centre of Traditional Medicine
NeuroDevelopmental Treatment Association, Inc.
Texas Women’s University
Institute of Natural Healing Sciences
Kims College of Taekwando
Texas Women’s University at Denton
University of Texas at Austin

Frankie Burget is a Myofascial Release Mastery Level Therapist and Licensed Occupational Therapist. Also skilled in CranioSacral, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point, therapeutic massage, QiGong, neuro-developmental treatment, and functional spine stabilization. Providing care for myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, neurological disorders, TMJ, carpal tunnel, headaches, cumulative trauma disorder, geriatrics, infertility, and stress. Compassionate care for children with ADD, birth defects, failure to thrive, injuries and special physical needs. Gentle care for pets and equines.

Frankie is the innovator and developer of Fascial Integrative Therapy, a healing modality that goes beyond Myofascial Release by taking into account all systems of the body, mind and spirit and taking treatment deeper into the body to obtain better more lasting results.

She has had a thriving practice in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex for over 15 years. With referrals from over 100 physicians, dentists, chiropractors and psychotherapists throughout the area, Frankie often has a packed schedule.

Frankie often presents at professional conferences and has been published in professional journals. Many of her articles appear on various websites. She is available for teaching, speaking and demonstrations around the country.

She loves working with animals large and small. She has rescued and treated many types of creatures both domestic and wild from parakeets to sugar gliders. Frankie spends many of her weekends relieving the pain of thoroughbreds and race horses.

Contact Email:


Manuel Aranguren, LMT, CMMP

3131 Turtle Creek Blvd
Dallas, TX 75219

CEUs: Manual Therapy for the Breast tissue, Visceral Massage, Dolphin MPS Therapy, TMJ, Lymphatic drainage, MFR, Certified Medical Massage Practitioner, Addressing Common Knee Issues I-II-III, Lomi Lomi.

I began practicing in 2010 as independent contractor in a Chiropractic office up to date. I am not the typical cookie cutter/potato wedge cutter Therapist, in order to distant myself from it I have been trained in more “clinically” trending Techniques such as: MPS Therapy, Visceral Massage and Advance Manual Therapy for the Breast tissue (the latter it is only at the client’s request and/or Cosmetic/Plastic Physician’s referrals follow by a sign consent form).

People come to see me because I do things differently. Each experience is “Outside the Box” I don’t chase the pain. Each session the client is actively testing the work as we go.

Scar release/relief (C-section, Tummy Tucks, Breast Implant/Reduction Scars, Hysterectomy, surgeries in general) combining Dolphin MPS therapy, Lymphatic drainage and MFR with results in 15 -20 min. release almost all in the first session.

Dolphin MPS Therapy: addresses Back, Lower Back, Neck Pain, Elbow (tennis & golf) pain, headache, migraine, earache, sinuses, hip pain, TMJ, lack of sleep, Fibromyalgia

Visceral Massage: address constipation, GERD, Croon’s disease in remission (only), Uterus fibroids (work on the scar tissue/fibroids superficially)

Lymphatic Drainage: addresses edema (I-II) know as swelling, lack of sleep, immune booster, PMS, skin cellulites, detox, stress release, better digestion.

MFR: addresses Problematic Breast Implant/Reduction Scars, Menstrual Problems, Whiplash and more.

Contact Email:

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