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Intensive Treatment Programs

Intensive treatment programs have been a mainstay of myofascial release treatment for as long as I’ve been a therapist. To define intensive treatment program, it is typically looked at as receiving multiple sessions (2-3 on average) per day on successive days, starting with short 2-3 day sequences and extending to much longer 2-3 week programs. There are many ways such intensive (and typically very expensive treatment) is rationalized, though most of which is based upon rather sketchy beliefs, such as getting beneath tissue memory, etc. To make things worse, therapists are forced to pay for expensive treatment in order to progress to advanced levels of continuing education training. (Sorry if I sound cynical, as I am.) It may sound like I am in opposition to intentive work, but I am not. Many patients find it a productive use of their time, especially for the prospective patient interested in traveling in from out of town/state for treatment by a highly skilled MFR therapist, the benefits can be quite effective.


I see patients in a wide variety of ways, from occasional as-needed interventions, to regular 1-2 times weekly physical therapy sessions, to much more frequent intensive programs. Intensive programs are priced fairly, the same as regular treatment at my practice in Rochester, NY, the Pain Relief Center. If this sounds like something for you, please inquire by calling 585-244-6180 or by emailing me from the link on the right hand side of this page.