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Foundations Seminars Articles, Home Stretching Handouts and Treatment Tips

Please note: The information presented below stretches is intended for the use of, or though the direction and supervision by, a licensed health professional and are in no way intended or designed to diagnose or treat a specific condition. You are encouraged to consult with your doctor or licensed health professional before beginning any sort of exercise or stretching routine.

Ongoing articles of interest in propelling your myofascial release/manual therapy practice into an evidence-based/science-informed model can be found on my Myofascial Release Blog.

Informational Articles For You Or To Share With Patients

Below are a number of resources for the practitioner, including articles I have written, home stretches that I actually use on a daily basis with my patients, and treatment tips that I have posted along the way. I would suggest that you try each of the stretches yourself before asking a patient to do the same, so that you can getter understand what areas of the body are effected by each stretch and what limitations each one may pose. You are welcome to print these handout for yourself or your patient. They are formatted to allow space at the top of each page for you letterhead, etc.


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Patient Home Stretches

1. Prone Prop/Cobra Hip Flexor Region (Psoas) Stretch

2. Hip Flexor Region Stretch (Thomas Test Stretch)

3. Anterior Thigh/Hip Flexor/Quadriceps Region Stretch (Yoga Belt Stretch)

4. Trap/Shoulder Stretch

5. Chest and Shoulder Self Stretch

6. Split Trunk Stretch for Scapular/Thoracic/Lumbar/Hip Regions

7. Jaw and TMJ Region Stretches

8. Standing Hip Flexor Region Stretch

9. Psoas and Anterior Lumbar Nerve Root Region Stretch Using 4″ Ball

10. Occipital Pivot™ (Occipivot™) Instructions for a Stretch to the Sub-Occipital Region

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11. Arm and Shoulder Traction-Type Stretch Version 1

12. Arm and Shoulder Traction-Type Stretch Version 2

13. Thigh Myomobilization™ Stretch

14. Neck Sidebending Stretch

15. Posterior Shoulder Stretch

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16. Thumb Stretch

17. Calf Stretch Standing

18. Sacroiliac Region Stretch

19. Posterior Occipital/Cervical Region Stretch

20. Lateral Hip Stretch

21. Neck/Shoulder Stretch (12/04/16)


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Treatment Tips/Technique Tips

Calf Stretch Version 1
Calf Stretch Version 2
Thoracic/Lumbar/Sacral Lift
Pelvis and Thigh Region Stretch
Prone Leg Traction
Side-Lying Shoulder Stretch
Cervical Traction with Roller Assist
Pelvic Evaluation Tips
Gluteal Lift/Posterior Hip and Pelvis Region Stretch

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